Lisa Carlon is a country girl, an educator, a writer, a photographer, and a committed Christian.  She loves to make people laugh and feel at home.  Lisa is a wonderful storyteller, whether in spoken or written form.


While growing up in Arkansas, Lisa saw many examples of natural beauty. Her parents taught her to have an eye for detail and to attempt to find something good in every experience.  


Lisa served as an elementary classroom teacher for several years.  From there she went on to work in educational technology and school administration.  These sometimes challenging but also rewarding experiences emphasized Lisa's appreciation for the "little" things - a sunset, a rosebud, dark clouds before the rain - that truly enrich our lives and add meaning.


From an early age, Lisa enjoyed photography. As she matured, it became important that her pictures tell a story, convey a message, or share meaningful moments.  This desire - plus an increased awareness of God's amazing blessings - led her to open, "Lisa Carlon Photography" and offer her work to anyone who would like encouragement or inspiration.  It is her desire to bless others with "Glimpses of Grace."