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I’ve always been an “old school” kind of person in many ways. Actually, I’m a bit of a mix - I love technology innovations, new places, and new things - but I also treasure nostalgia, history, and the roots of our beings that shaped us and made us who we are….

The world has changed a lot since I entered it over 50 years ago (good grief - that sounds kinda old! How did I get to this age already?). Many things are so much better, but some things I’m not so sure…. I do love air conditioning, automatic ice makers, microwave ovens, flat screen TV’s, GPS, and calling my family and friends without long distance charges….

...but our world seems busier and more stressful than ever before.

Thankfully, there are Glimpses of God’s Grace all around us every single day…in the sunrises and the sunsets...the extraordinary scenes of nature...the magnificence of the changing seasons...these are things to think on, to be treasured and celebrated. That’s why I have chosen the name “Glimpses of Grace” for my first gallery.

I have loved photography since I was a child. The idea of capturing wonderful scenes, places, and moments to share with others has long appealed to me - because I love to think on and share good things.

This and future galleries are meant to do just that - share good things.

If you would, please imagine with me for just a moment. Pretend that you are going out for a quick lunch and a couple of errands in the middle of a very hectic day. As you park your car and rush down the sidewalk, you see a small gallery with an open door, and impulsively you decide to stop… Chiding yourself for spending time on something like this, you step inside. The lights are slightly dimmed, soft music is playing, and the air is pleasant. On the walls are large, nicely lit, framed photography prints. You are free to walk around all alone, quietly viewing the different images, reading the brief stories of each one, and enjoying the relaxing pause for a few minutes before resuming your busy day. Viewing the selected gallery images stirs emotions, recalls memories, inspires feelings, provides reminders of other places and times, and even refreshes and encourages you in some way. This is what I hope you will experience as you view these online galleries - that they bring you a bit of joy, a bright spot, a quiet respite.

I have pictures throughout both my home and my office at work because seeing them broadens my perspective, inspires me, reminds me, and encourages me. They cause me to smile as I think on good things while coping with sometimes heavy responsibilities and demanding days. Pictures are a reminder of blessings, and I often pause a moment, take a breath, and focus on them. It's a lovely reset for my mind.

I have been working very hard on this project for some time, and I am both nervous and very excited to share it with you. I hope you will drop by often. If you wish, please sign the guestbook or send me a note to let me know you have been here. I would love hearing from you! I have researched and partnered with some great labs so that images you connect with can be enjoyed in your home or business. Set them up or hang them where you can see them, then please remember to take a moment, glance at them and remember that God loves you and paints blessings for you every single day.

I will be adding new galleries and new options in the days and weeks ahead. Again, please enjoy your visit, and I do hope you will come back soon.
Sunset Painted Across the SkyBeautiful ResiliencePeek-a-Boo MoonMorning MistsMajestic MoonPink Ruffle FireworksLight ReflectionsCalm EveningMist and Foam at PlayTwin LilliesShades of VioletSunset DelightReflecting CloudsDay's EndDelightful SightLosing DaylightSerenity WalkVariegated FoliageMorning SilhouettesSunset Fire Overtaking the Blue