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As so many people traverse the country this month searching excitedly for the brilliant blessings of autumn, it affirms to each of us that hope, joy, and wonder still abound....that despite all of the stresses and demands of life we continue to reach out, to look for the beauty and blessings falling softly and quietly around us every day. They are ours for the taking! We must only seek them out and celebrate them!

If you live in Arkansas or southwest Missouri, making the drive to Maplewood Cemetery in Harrison, Arkansas is time well spent each autumn. A well-known Arkansas treasure, the quiet, always beautiful cemetery is crowded and busy during the fall as people from miles around visit to see the beautiful foliage. The colors are peaking right now, so if you haven't visited before, this is a great time to head to Harrison. The images here were taken at Maplewood over the past two weeks. I so very much hope you enjoy them!

I am framing three of my favorites to enjoy. For my office, I am framing "Nature's Mosaic" and "Lifting Mine Eyes". The colors and balance of "Nature's Mosaic" reminds me of the Lord's blessings provided to us through His glorious creation. "Lifting Mine Eyes" reminds me to look up, to focus on the Things above.

For home, I am framing Nature's Painting. The colors in this image are joyous to me and will brighten my days and encourage me to see the beauty and be grateful for the blessings we enjoy. I don't want to take them for granted!

If you would like to learn more about Maplewood Cemetery, click here to read an interesting online article by Deb Peterson about the history of this incredibly beautiful place! I read this article for the first time recently and was delighted to find out that the beauty of Maplewood was due to the efforts of dedicated ladies in the 1920's with foresight and vision we all benefit from today. What a lovely legacy!

Please enjoy browsing the gallery. I'm so glad you're here!

"Let the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord..."
I Chronicles 16:33a
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